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Zouk Drum Station VSTi

✅ Windows&Mac
✅ 18 presets with 157 one shots for Zouk&Kizomba
✅ 18 midi drum loops
✅ Logic,Ableton,Studio One,Cubase etc
✅ Instant Download
Lifetime Updates
✅ 100% Royalty Free



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Zouk Drum Station will get you feeling the pulsating rhythm and energetic beats of zouk music. This is a new kind of drum plugin that can give your track the real Caribbe­an percussion flavor. Such an extensive selecti­on of recorded drums and percussions makes Zouk Drum Station highly adaptable, helping to create mesmerizing patterns. You have everything you need – from various drums to diverse textures – to cr­eate captivating rhyth­m in Zouk Drum Station.

Zouk Drum Station VST works with all Daws in a 64 bit operating system, except Protools because Protools only works with AAX and not vst3 or AU. There is a solution for get it working with Blue Cats Patchwork. Watch the video in the video preview for easy instructions.


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