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Zouk VSTi Bundle

The ultimate Zouk VST bundle is here! Are you looking for the best Zouk sounds, unique and easy to use? Then this is the bundle for you. On sale now for the best bundle deal.

✅ Windows&Mac
✅ 18 presets with 157 one shots for Zouk&Kizomba (Zouk Drum Station)
26 presets for Zouk&Kizomba (Zouk Plug)
✅ 18 midi drum loops (Zouk Drum Station)
✅ Categories: Bell, EP, Guitar,  Key, Piano, Pluck, String (Zouk Plug)
✅ Instant Download
✅ Lifetime Updates
✅ 100% Royalty Free

Supported DAWs
✅ Logic Pro X – 10.7 (Mac: AudioUnits)
✅ Ableton Live 9.2.2 – 11 (Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST)
✅ Studio One 4.5+ (Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST)
✅ Cubase 9.5 – 12 (Mac & PC: VST)
✅ Nuendo 8 – 11 (Mac & PC: VST)
✅ Reaper 6 (Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST)
✅ Bitwig 4 (Mac & PC: VST)



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This all-in-one package combines a range of powerful virtual instruments, effects, and sound libraries designed to provide you with the authentic sounds and textures of Zouk.

From lush keyboards to grooving basslines, vibrant percussion, our Zouk VST Bundle offers a wealth of tools to bring your Zouk productions to life.

2 reviews for Zouk VSTi Bundle

  1. Michael

    Great! More bundles please.

  2. Christopher Dorelien

    Faya’s samples for zouk and kompa music are an absolute game-changer! With an impeccable blend of traditional rhythms and contemporary flair, Faya has crafted a collection that breathes life into any production. The authenticity and richness of the sounds transport you to the heart of the Caribbean, evoking the vibrant energy and passion of these genres.

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